Celebrating 35 Years of Ministry

Consider a gift to celebrate our 35th anniversary year!

Randy & Marli Ministries

Randy & Marli Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 that serves local congregations across the nation. Targeting small to medium sized churches, Randy and Marli encourages the body of Christ through a worship concert and speaking ministry. 



Hold on to your hearts ... this devoted duo will delight you with their musical giftedness and bless you with their devotion to the family. Randy and Marli make my feet dance and my spirit sing!

Patsy Clairmont, Women of Faith; Focus On The Family

We have had the privilege to work with Randy Brown and have been very impressed with not only the talent and quality of his music, but how his heart to serve God and others radiates through his music.

Any Organization that calls on Randy and his wife, Marli, to minister to them will find a truly uplifting and God-centered time of ministry and quality music.

Josh McDowell, Author & Speaker

I've had the privilege of working with Randy and Marli Brown. Besides their obvious talents, I'm convinced of their commitment to Jesus Christ and their desire to serve people.  I highly recommend this wonderful couple.

Johnny Hall, National Recording Artist

If you haven't heard the keyboard artistry of Randy Brown, you should. It's a privilege to recommend such fine musicians as Randy and Marli. Their total lifestyle is Christ-honoring with a ministry that is lasting.

Chuck Ohman, National Recording Artist

Having known Marli and Randy for a good many years, I can truly say that they have been good many years! Their musical talents have riveted my soul, tuned my aching heartstrings, and, dare I say it, left this cartoonist in suspended animation wanting more. As an unknown author once eloquently stated with passion... They's good people.

Jonny Hawkins, National Cartoonist